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Why is there a backdrop of some hills? That's got nothing to do records, you might say.

Sure, In many ways you're right, but our journey in to being a record shop did  (sort of) start in some hills. Just not these ones. These ones are the stock option the website provider offered!

See, the owner of Vanishing Point Records, Corey Lavender (there's a cartoon version of him floating around this site) left his sensible "proper" job of 23 years at a firm of Chartered Accountants in 2016 with no plan for the future other than to walk across Spain on a path called the Camino De Santiago. He kinda figured that walking each and every day until you've done 500 miles would give him enough thinking time to work out what in the heck he was going to do next!

Luckily he did. Somewhere in the middle of Spain he went from being

foolish ex Payroll Manager to Record Store Owner. Albeit one without any premises or records.

On his return he set about getting his plan into action and before long on, in Feb 2017 VPR opened in Falcon Yard, Chesterfield. Two years later we had the chance to move to a bigger shop (vinyl records breed!) nearby in Theatre Yard... so we did. More space for more stuff plus a lounge/performance area. Keep an eye out for upcoming gigs!!

The name "Vanishing Point Records"...yes it mainly comes from the cool 70's cult film. Also the Primal Scream album. Also the New Order song.

Anyway, we sell mainly secondhand (pre-loved) LPs and 45s but we do have a small range of new titles and reissues. We have new stuff arriving all the time so come and see.

The path started in the Pyrenees. They're big hills right!?

Backdrop makes A BIT more sense now eh!?

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